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Know Who We Are

About E4 Security Consulting

We are accredited & board certified auditors.  We do audits.

We encourage our auditees to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) following these ISO standards.

We recommend that you watch a free video on Integrated Management System.

Our Services

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IoT Quality Does

IoT requires a quality focused organization requiring inclusive efforts of the entire organization.

IoT Means Confidence In Security

IoT expects embedded security interwoven organizational and infrastructure encapsulation end to end.

IoT means High Availability

IoT means High Availability, total business continuity and responsive yet executable incident management of its kind.

A delight to IoT Customers

IoT service delivery must meet the product’s service delivery contractual agreements to the extent necessary giving confidence that service delivery processes are being carried out as planned.


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Kudos Received from our Valuable Customers

We had the pleasure of having Devesh as our IEC/ISO 27001:2013 certification auditor. Devesh was pleasant to work with and, preferring to talk through topics rather than spend our meeting time quietly pouring through documentation, he put us at ease and engaged us to present our answers to his questions with meaningful dialog. His broad experience in every area of information security management was evident in the questions he asked. Having a teacher’s heart, Devesh was very helpful by challenging us to think differently about our approach to risk analysis and risk management. We felt as if he was our partner, not our adversary, in our quest to improve our company’s information security program

Jeanine Thomas Compliance Manager – Burke Inc

“I believe the current work environment for most professionals across many industries require individuals to be lifelong learners. Over my career, I have attempted to keep up with current developments in the consulting arena as well as to try and look down the road to see where my clients are heading. I am one of the Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) and an ISO 22301 Lead Auditor so I decided to become an ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer and fortunately, I chose E4 Security Consulting for that training and grateful that Devesh Pandit was my instructor. Over the course of a week, he was able to guide me through the details of the 27001 standard and, most importantly, was able to relate that instruction to real life experience. Devesh has incredible experience and is able to communicate that experience into practical, everyday language. If a lifelong learner or anyone needs to learn from an excellent teacher, Devesh is that person. With his help, I was able to pass the 27001 Lead Implementer exam and am now I am PECB certified ISO 27001:2013 Lead Implementer.

Alan S. Resiliam

We appreciated the deep desire of the lead certification auditor assigned by the E4 Security Consulting, LLC who understood our business, learned how we operate and what we do, and apply daily. It was a learning experience, and we learned a lot from our auditor, thank you E4 for assigning Mr. Devesh Pandit as our certification auditor.

Chanttel Allen Managing Director , The Olinger Group

We appreciated the experience, efficiency, and passion shown by our lead certification auditor Devesh Pandit from E4 Security Consulting, LLC. He took the time to understand our industry and learn how our business operates. Mr. Pandit not only thoroughly delved our environments and processes but also taught how to improve our processes. His insights have been applied to continue building security into everything that we do, pushing our maturity to the next level. Thank you E4 for assigning Mr. Devesh Pandit as our certification auditor.

Brian Nagy Gongos Inc.

Devesh Pandit is a superb instructor that was assigned to our class from E4, he made our dry subject easy to understand, gave ample examples, listens to students bring their real-world issues; Devesh does give useful and ready to use executable workable solution as he has lots of hands on experience from the field, I strongly recommend anyone take the training provided by Devesh Pandit

Tina S. CEO

Founder’s Message

Mr. Devesh Pandit, Founder

We proactively transfer our 35+ years of experience and, knowledge, back into the industry. To notice enthusiasm engage with us & draw the contrast from the service you receive from our auditors.

When you hire us, we live you with most of the best practices and correct interpretation of standards and requirements.

We are experts in (Watch my YouTube video on the subject click on the link provided here) Integrated Management System so that you save time and money by combining multiple standards into one, reducing audit preparation time through our training and consulting services offered by our beloved partners.

Founder's Message

Mr. Devesh Pandit, Founder

Historically, and humbly we claim that we are one of the pioneers in Information technology consulting services, as we began our consultancy from 1980.

Then, we worked on first, second and third generation computers until it did land on our laptop.

As our clients continued to put trust in us, we continued to morphed ourselves as the technology kept changing by studying the manuals, acquired specific training and got certified and served as and when the way our customer wanted to get served.

As a result, we gained knowledge of a database administrator, network administrator, information system administrator, ethical hackers, systems architects, business continuity professional, credit card technology experts.

Finally, I am grateful to our happy & satisfied customers who continue to recommend our services and support our diligent efforts with their kind words. Please check their testimonials on our website. Genuinely speaking their kind words are the best in the business and better and any money spent on “Google AdWords.”

I am grateful to all our auditors at E4 Security Consulting, LLC.

We encourage our auditors to maintain credentials with respective approving educational bodies such as ASIS, ISACA, ISC2, PCI, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), UK and Disaster Recovery Institute (DRII).

Our ISO audit services include  ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 22301 (BCMS), ISO/IEC 20000 IT (SMS).

For a modest fee, Our Small Business Audit Services: QME, ISE & BCE, prepare them for ISO certifications. With lesser auditee effort and progressive management efforts, small businesses can qualify for a QMS, ISMS and BCMS accreditation.

Learn more about these from our certified instructors providing the introduction, foundation, implementor and auditor training.

If you are an internal auditor and wanting to learn how to implement a management system, wanting to become an auditor register for our lead auditor training section, that is the way to go.

We also specialize and customize in-house training, especially for those who work as an internal auditor are already implementing management systems such as QMS, ISMS, BCMS & SMS.

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We are committed to listening, determining your needs so that we can provide clear and executable recommendations. 

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